How technologies can help the agroecological transition

Vincent Levavasseur

Vincent Levavasseur will speak at the 2021 edition of the Smart Farming Conference


What drives you?
My passion is to help farmers to succeed in the agroecological transition using the right tools and the good networks. There are big challenges today in agriculture where agroecology can fully bring responses at the economic, environmental and social levels. Our challenge is to scale up agroecology.

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Photonic devices and monitoring techniques for the wine industry

tatevik chalyan

The use of oak barrels for wine ageing is a widespread technique due to the ideal physical and structural properties of oak wood. The oak barrel is an active, interactive container that releases aromatic compounds and tannin when wet while allowing oxygen to penetrate and largely determines the characteristics of produced wine. The level of release of characteristics compounds to the enclosed wine decreases for repeated wine fillings and after a number of refills the barrel must be replaced.

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