Digital solutions and technologies for the agro sector: practical use cases

agro sector

Agriculture 4.0 faces the great challenges arising from the growing need for food in quantity and quality, by maximizing its production in a sustainable way, while allowing a climate change mitigation and improving the use of the natural resources. Thus, digital tools, such as remote and proximity sensing, autonomous equipment / robots and the use of artificial intelligence (AI), are some of the solutions that aim to improve the agro-sector management (soil, water, plant). However, it is still need to promote its accessibility, through the development of affordable and customized solutions, and ultimatley translate the data into useful information for farmers.

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Soil Monitoring – Smart Agricultural Sensor Network

by Susanne Oertel, Fraunhofer Institute for Integrated Systems and Device Technology IISB

The FutureIOT consortium focuses its research activities on two distinct fields of action „“ and „“. Aim of the Bavarian research network is the joint development of comprehensive IoT solutions for practice-oriented solutions.
Further development and integration of individual technologies in the area of communication, sensor technology, localization, information security, and IoT plattforms, are intended to master the existing challenges in the city as well as on the countryside.

The sub-project Soil Sensor Technology covers the IoT value chain from sensors via sensor networks until cloud-based data analysis.

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