Natassa Antoniou, EARSC, will speak at Smart Farming Conference

Natassa Antoniou

Natassa Antoniou, EARSC (European Association of Remote Sensing Companies), will speak at the Smart Farming Conference about “Smart is the New Green – Earth Observation Technologies for a Sustainable Agriculture”. The conference takes place on Jun 29, 2017, at Villa Flora, Brightlands Campus Greenport Venlo, The Netherlands.

Modern agriculture relies ever more on the availability of accurate and constant information from a variety of data and services. Farmers want to know the condition of their crops and livestock and forecast correctly the yield etc. Earth Observation has a clear potential to help address these agricultural needs providing precise information from soil quality monitoring to agriculture draught assessment. Meanwhile, governments want to make sure modern agriculture does not have a contrary impact on natural resources. Using Earth Observation technologies for observing and providing evidence of environmental compliance is a great tool to monitor and enforce environmental legislation. This presentation will illustrate how Earth Observation technologies contribute to a more sustainable agriculture and improve the regulatory compliance and enforcement of environmental laws.

About Natassa Antoniou
Natassa supports the Market Development activities of EARSC by developing links with other organisations representing market sectors for EARSC members. Throughout her career, she has been focusing on raising awareness about benefits and applications of geospatial technologies for governance, businesses and citizen and closely cooperating with several Inter-Governmental organizations (eg. GEO, UNSPIDER, ESA, EC). Continue reading “Natassa Antoniou, EARSC, will speak at Smart Farming Conference”