Digital solutions and technologies for the agro sector: practical use cases

agro sector

Agriculture 4.0 faces the great challenges arising from the growing need for food in quantity and quality, by maximizing its production in a sustainable way, while allowing a climate change mitigation and improving the use of the natural resources. Thus, digital tools, such as remote and proximity sensing, autonomous equipment / robots and the use of artificial intelligence (AI), are some of the solutions that aim to improve the agro-sector management (soil, water, plant). However, it is still need to promote its accessibility, through the development of affordable and customized solutions, and ultimatley translate the data into useful information for farmers.

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Google’s Alphabet pushes smart tech into farming

smart tech

Google’s Alphabet pushes smart tech into farming

Farmers could get a helping hand in the form of artificial intelligence (AI) aimed at improving the production of food.

Or at least that the plan of X, the experimental tech and R&D division of Google’s parent company Alphabet.

It’s head, the excellently named Astro Teller, revealed the Alphabet’s latest AI ambitions at the EMTech Digital even run by MIT Technology Review, where he explained that machine learning could be used with drones and robots to figure out the best time to harvest crops and farm in parts of the world messed up by climate change, as well as better predicting how pests can affect food production.

“I’ve been saying for years that agriculture, food production [is] one of the biggest industries in the world, it’s one of the least digitally enabled, technology enabled industries in the world, and it’s one of the […] limiting steps for humanity,” said Teller. “So it has been true for a long time that X was like ‘we have got to do a moonshot, maybe several moonshots, in this space.” Continue reading “Google’s Alphabet pushes smart tech into farming”