Smart Farming Conference 2018 program & quotes from speakers’ presentations

The Smart Farming Conference 2018 will take place on June 28, at Brightlands Campus in Venlo, The Netherlands, as part of a three-day Agri-Food Innovation Event, which includes 4 conferences, an expo, demo corners (Healthy Nutrition on June 27 and 3D Food Printing on June 28), a 3D Food Printing Masterclass, Brightbox tour (vertical farming expertise centre), Laboratorium tour Centre for Healthy Eating and Food Innovation and a 3D Food Printing Experience at Wageningen University & Research.

The program of the conference includes 10 speakers from reputed universities and companies.

Thijs Verploegen, Productmanager Deepfield Connect, Robert Bosch Start-up GmbH, Germany, on “From Robotics to IoT Bosch’s activities in the Smart Agricultural field”:

Bosch wants to make agriculture more sustainable and more efficient. One key to higher yields and more efficiency in the field is connectivity. Smart farming and the connectivity of agriculture are catapulting farms into the future – and are also driving forward new technologies at Bosch. From powertrain systems for tractors and hydraulic solutions for agricultural machinery to connected products for smart farming, the company is transferring automotive technology to agriculture.

Louis de Bruin, Blockchain Leader Europe, IBM Digital Operations, on “Blockchain: a powerful tool for creating trust in the food chain”:

A brief explanation that makes Blockchain understandable for everybody, followed by some of the key components of Blockchain. Subsequently examples of Blockchain featuring IBM’s Food Trust solution with world players as Walmart, Unilever, Nestlé. Finally some hints and tips on how to start with Blockchain.

Arend Koekkoek, Idea-x/ Campus Almkerk, on “Pixel Farming, farming in the digital era”:

What if we could solve a lot of the environmental issues of agriculture and improve production efficiency? Pixel Farming enables a digital approach of the full food production chain, allowing us to produce food in an environmentally friendly way by utilising the power of biodiversity and data.

In this presentation you will get an overview of pixel farming and the current development programme that is ongoing on the Campus in Almkerk.

Other speakers and presentation titles:

Dennis van der Wiel, CEO, Polariks, The Netherlands, on “How space technology and robotics can help make better wine”, More information

Jan Vet, CEO, Sensite Solutions, on “No Food To Waste”, More information

Pieter Hoenderken, Het Internet Huis, on “IoT applications for farmers”, More information

Geert Hermans, Project Leader / Business Developer, ZLTO, The Netherlands, on “ZLTO vision on Smart Farming and Big Data; What happens in the market and how and where are there opportunities for you!”, More information

Eva van Rijsingen, Natural Science Engineer, Blue Engineering BV, The Netherlands, on “Technology as a driver in biodiverse long-lasting productivity”, More information

Lenny van Erp-van der Kooij,  Professor (UAS) Precision Livstock Farming, HAS University of Applied Sciences, The Netherlands, on “Precision Livestock Farming”, More information

Michael Utkin, co-Founder / CEO, eFarmer, on ‘professional tractor navigation and precision farming’

Brightbox tour (vertical farm expertise centre) – BrightBox opens her doors for participants of the Vertical Farming Conference and Agrifood Innovation Event in Villa Flora on 27 June 2018. BrightBox is an expertise centre for daylight-free multi-layer cultivation, i.e. city farming. By determining the ideal growing formula for a plant – light, temperature, humidity, CO2, nutrition, water and substrate – we achieve the best results for the client.

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