No Food To Waste – Presented by Jan Vet, Sensite Solutions

No Food To Waste – Presented by Jan Vet, Sensite Solutions, at the Smart Farming Conference, which takes place on on June 28, 2018, in Venlo, The Netherlands.

The monitoring of commodities like grains is more or less standard these days. Not so much is known about what e.g. temperature combined with moisture content can tell you about the safeguarding of grains. Keeping commodities safe during transport and storage will reduce post-harvest losses tremedously. Mr Jan Vet, CEO of Sensite Solutions, will show research findings on this matter. Furthermore, he will explain the pitfalls of the enormous amount of data generated in this so called (Industrial) Internet of Things-environment: how Big Data can be translated into easy-to-understand-information. It’s all about how to KEEP YOUR FOODSTUFFS SAFE.

About Jan Vet
Jan Vet, Born May 8th, 1958, has 20 years experience within Philips Electronics in the areas of Telecommunications, Consumer Electronics and Multimedia projects. Fulfilled various positions in Product Development, (Software) Process Improvement, and Product Marketing.

Co-founder and CEO of Sensite Solutions B.V. (2001) in Veldhoven, The Netherlands.

Jan holds a BSc. In Electronic Engineering, and a Master’s degree in Business Marketing.

About Sensite Solutions
Sensite Solutions develops and offers complete, industrial wireless monitoring solutions for logistics, commodity storage, and petrochemical environments. Our SafeHost platform facilitates tailor-made solutions for any kind of application, ranging from climate monitoring to tracing mobile objects and persons. Our system seamlessly interfaces with communication infrastructures like 3G/4G, BlueTooth, TCP/IP, WiFi and LoRa. In short: – Plug-and-Play: up and running within a day – Ruggedized sensors, for use in harsh environments – ATEX-compliant, for use in explosive environments.

About Smart Farming Conference
The Smart Farming Conference is part of the two-day Agri Food Innovation Event (June 27-28, 2018) which includes four dedicated conferences (Healthy Nutrition Conference, Vertical Farming Conference, 3D Food Printing Conference, Smart Farming Conference, Central expo , a 3D Food Printing Masterclass and a Networking Dinner.

Focus topics of the conference are:

  • Available technologies for Farming 4.0 – drones, sensors, Internet of Things, Robotics, Big Data, AI and more
  • Precision agriculture
  • Precision Livestock Farming
  • Plant and crop science for improved resource-use
  • Investment in R&D
  • New business models
  • Cross disciplinary themes

Who should attend?
Farmers | Growers | Agricultural industry | Technology suppliers (corporate, start-up) | System integrators | Governmental bodies (Local, Regional, National) | Project developers | Finance / Consulting | Logistics suppliers | anyone interested in smart farming

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