In-field access to relevant growth data: smart farming made easy

by Tamme van der Wal, Agri Dataservices BioScope BV

Precision Farming is not technology, it is a management approach. Adding data to on-farm decisions enables the transition to a smarter way of farming. It is therefore a pity that technological complexity is the major hurdle in farmers’ adoption of precision or smart farming. We have now created an App that revolutionises the way farmers perceive Precision Agriculture: Now it is easy, accessible and affordable for every farmer.

With this App we can now deliver an important part of the added value that geo-spatial companies promise. Our App gives access to your maps while walking or driving in your field. It allows you to make geotagged notes and take geotagged photos to remember what you saw. And forget all the fuzz with task maps: The FieldScout app shows your sprayer while driving and you decide where to increase or decrease application rates. Every farmer can be a #smartfarmer!

Based on our extensive (and ongoing) user validation research, we have selected information products that directly contribute to daily decision making. More over, we introduce functionality to help farmers to interpret and annotate spatial data with their own expertise. The presentation discusses the advancing activities of data science in Remote Sensing, the pitfalls and drawbacks and the outlook we see for sustainable, climate resilient and soil regenerating agriculture.

Tamme was a speaker at the 2020 edition of the Smart Farming Conference.

About Tamme van der Wal

Tamme has been working in Remote Sensing and agriculture since 1992, first in governmental and institutional applications and the past decade for precision agriculture. BioScope was founded to bridge the gap between geospatial data providers and the farmers user community.

About Agri Dataservices BioScope BV

BioScope delivers fresh, actionable data to support farmers in their daily decision making on crop care and cultivation. BioScope is a joint venture between AeroVision BV and LTO Bedrijven (Dutch growers association). At BioScope we want to make precision agriculture easy and accessible. We ingest satellite data, drones images, soil scans and sensors and meteorological data to provide farmers with high quality, trusted data.

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