Big data for precision farming

Presentation by Laurent Tits, Team leader Agricultural applications, VITO remote sensing department, during the Satellite session.

Big volumes of data are key for precision farming. This does not only concern the data collected in the field during the growing season, needed to steer the production and decision making, but also the data needed to train and validate all the monitoring systems. The latter often come from a wide variety of sources, posing several challenges with relation to data ownership, privacy, accuracy and accessibility. In this presentation, we will provide insights on the importance of data, and touch upon several aspects of these data issues, providing some food for thought.

About Laurent Tits
Laurent Tits obtained his master in Bioscience Engineering in 2009 and his PhD in 2013 at the KU Leuven, Belgium, where he focused on the use of EO data in orchards. He is currently the team leader of the agricultural applications team at VITO Remote Sensing, Belgium. With his team, current agricultural applications of EO data encompass the broad range of very precise UAV data for detailed monitoring and phenotyping, up to the general monitoring of all the agricultural production areas on a global scale and everything in between. The activities encompass both reseach and feasibility studies as operational services.

About Vito Remote Sensing
Take a step back, and then 10,000 more. Sometimes, it’s only when you distance yourself from your subject that you can truly see it up-close. When new perspectives come to view and trends emerge. VITO Remote Sensing helps you get that better look. With high-tech instruments and powerful end-to-end services, our people provide the knowledge that moves you forward.

Many companies can benefit from geo data and insights. But with variable needs and information, different industries call for different applications of remote sensing technology. During years of global public research, our engineering staff has built the expertise required to find the right approach for every need – whatever the subject.

Laurent will be speaking at the conference.

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