Speaker Partners

Below you can find the speaker partners of the 2017 edition of the conference, which took place on Jun 29, at Villa Flora, in Venlo, The Netherlands:

ARMARM® technology is at the heart of a computing and connectivity revolution that is transforming the way people live and businesses operate. Every day more than 45 million ARM-based chips are shipped by our partners into products that enhance the human experience; connecting people, improving lives and making the impossible possible. From the sensor to the cloud and all points in between, ARM is shaping the smart connected world.

Our advanced processor designs have provided the intelligence in over 95 billion silicon chips now powering products from smartphones to supercomputers, medical devices to agricultural sensors and base stations to servers. With thousands of technology partners including the world’s most famous business and consumer brands, we collaborate to drive innovation into all areas compute is possible.

FamosaFa.Mo.S.A. is a small company born in 2014 to support quality production in orchards (kiwifruit, kaki, peach-tree, pear) protected (e.g.strawberry) and irrigated crops (e.g.corn).

Fa.Mo.S.A. is mainly working by projects, where specific problem-oriented design of devices are set-up for observation and alerting growers (e.g. irrigation, ripening).

wurWageningen University and the specialised institutes of the Wageningen Research Foundation have joined forces in contributing to finding solutions to important questions in the domain of healthy food and living environment.

In the international field Wageningen University & Research is one of the leading knowledge organisations in its domain.

SenZ2SenZ2 introduces the LEVELRADAR, the first wireless radar level sensor for (fill-)level measurement of liquids as well as solids.

With the latest radar technology the LEVELRADAR is unbeatable when it comes to accuracy, reliability and versatility. It’s long battery-life, global connectivity and robust watertight housing makes it ideal for use in water management.

Precision MakersPrecision Makers BV is probably one of the few companies focusing on automating the green sector and has a track record of already 10 years providing high tech automated/driverless vehicles to golf courses, sports fields, agriculture and orchards. These solutions are running worldwide.
Aurea ImagingAurea has been actively involved in the drone sector since 2008. A deep understanding of agriculture allows Aurea to be effective in this booming sector.

Currently developing a network of service providers in Europe and Latin America to enable global, standardized data acquisition for our corporate clients.

Pix4D Backed with over ten years of scientific research, Pix4D is the industry leader in professional drone mapping and photogrammetric software solutions. The dynamic and rapidly expanding company is based in Switzerland, with offices in San Francisco, Shanghai and Berlin.
HAS InternationalHAS University of Applied Sciences (Dutch: HAS Hogeschool) is an independent university of applied sciences, specialising in agriculture, horticulture, food, nature conservation and environment.

It is located in ‘s-Hertogenbosch, the regional capital of North Brabant, and Venlo.

EARSC The European Association of Remote Sensing Companies (EARSC) is the European organization which –on a non-profit basis– promotes the use of Earth Observation (EO) technology and especially the companies in Europe which offer EO-related products and services.

It is a membership based organisation with the mission to foster the development of the European EO geo-information services industry.

smart dairy farming SmartDairyFarming is developing a digital highway for farm-generated data. With the farmer’s consent, a data hub is used as a platform to release this data for a variety of applications. This information is retrieved from various sensors and other technological devices on the farm. The data can be applied in decision-making models, process descriptions and advisory products that farmers can use to take better-informed management decisions relating to animal health, fertility and nutrition. Making better decisions will in turn lead to healthier, longer-lived cattle with higher lifetime production.
MAVLab The faculty of Aerospace Engineering at TU Delft is one of the largest scientific communities focusing on aerospace and related areas in the world.

As part of it, the Micro Air Vehicle Lab is involved in different types of small drone projects, some as light as 20 grams.