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10:0010:10Moderator Pieter Hermans
Welcome and introduction
Session: Sensors for Agriculture
10:1010:30Bram Van de PoelBram Van de Poel, Research professor in Molecular Plant Physiology, University of Leuven, on "GROW: wireless sensors for smart farming applications in horticulture", Read more
10:3010:50susanne oertelSusanne Oertel, Senior Scientist, Fraunhofer IISB, on "Soil Monitoring – Smart Agricultural Sensor Network", Read more
10:5011:10Maurangelo PetruzzellaDr. Maurangelo Petruzzella, Senior Researcher, Eindhoven University of Technology, on "Next-level integrated spectral sensors for agrifood applications", Read more
Session: Drones for Agriculture
11:1011:30Dr. Hamed Mehdipoor, CEO, Spectro-AG BV, on "HyperSlit: an ultralight hyperspectral UAV system for collecting crop spectral signature", Read more
11:3011:50Tamme van der WalTamme Van Der Wal, Director, Agri Dataservices BioScope BV, on "In-field access to relevant growth data: smart farming made easy", Read more
Lunch Break and chats
Session: Satellites for Agriculture

This session is hosted by EARSC (European Association of Remote Sensing Companies) and Eurisy
About the use of Satellites and data for the Agriculture market!
12:3014:30Annalisa DonatiAnnalisa Donati, Coordinator of Activities, Eurisy, on "User-centric approach to facilitate a widespread uptake of satellite-based solutions for agri-food sector", Read more
Francesca PiattoFrancesca Piatto, Project Officer, EARSC, on "Earth Observation data benefits in the Agricultural sector", Read more
Nikolaos S. BartsotasNikolaos S. Bartsotas, Senior Research Associate, National Observatory of Athens/ Beyond Center of Earth Observation Research and Satellite Remote Sensing, on "Developing tailored services for the agro-insurance sector over northern Greece: The case of Rodopi / cotton crop", Read more
Vasileios SitokonstantinouVassilis Sitokonstantinou, Research Associate, National Observatory of Athens, on "e-shape - EU CAP Support Pilot: A machine learning enabled system for dynamic phenology estimation and yield prediction using satellite and in-situ observations", Read more
Roundtable Discussion
End of ONLINE Conference

The conference is part of the Photonics Applications Week. It is possible to attend several events / conferences / workshops during this week.