Swine diseases field diagnostics toolbox

The increased population density in modern animal production systems has made them vulnerable to various transboundary infectious agents & diseases. During the last decades in the developed world, a reduction in the direct burden of livestock diseases has been observed, because of more effective drugs & vaccines. However, the total impact may actually be increasing, because in a highly interconnected world, the effects of diseases extend far beyond animal sickness & mortality.

Therefore, early diagnosis and establishment of reliable countermeasures to infectious disease outbreaks is essential to limit severe biophysical and socio-economic consequences. To date, the time between initial disease outbreak and laboratory confirmation of the etiologic infectious agent can be up to several weeks. Reliable & simple diagnostic testing directly on site would enable rapid local decision making, which is crucial to prevent further spreading of the disease.

By addressing the sector needs, we have developed a novel field diagnostic device, based on advanced, proven, bio-sensing technologies to detect swine’s viruses causing epidemics in farms and leading to relevant economic damages. This device combines different technological advancements around photonic integrated circuits, microfluidics, complex hydraulics and automations.

Silicon-based Photonic Integrated Circuits (PIC) have been demonstrated as a powerful platform for biosensing systems and in combination with integrated monoclonal antibodies functionalised on the biosensor surface, they can provide portable multiplex detection of proteins with high sensitivity & specificity.

Interview with Panayiota Demosthenous

What drives you?
What drives me is to search for ways to make diagnostic procedures more accessible by the users, targeting fast diagnosis, in the field, highly sensitive and selectivity.

Why should the delegate attend your presentation?
What we present is a field diagnostics device for Swine diseases that worth to be demonstrated because it combines technological advancements around Photonic Integrated Circuits, microfluidics, complex hydraulics and automations.

What emerging technologies/trends do you see as having the greatest potential in the short and long run?
Silicon based Photonic Integrated Circuits (PIC) technology in combination with integrated monoclonal antibodies functionalised on the biosensor surface, they can provide portable multiplex detection of proteins with high sensitivity and specificity.

What kind of impact do you expect them to have?
Support the improvement of animal health, food safety, thus contributing to the sustainability & competitiveness of the agri-food sectors.

What are the barriers that might stand in the way?
Such technology needs further validations, consequently extra funding and time for research, in order to become acceptable and be ready for the market.

Panayiota Demosthenous will speak at the 2021 edition of the Smart Farming Conference.

Dr. Panayiota Demosthenous is a Senior Research and Development Engineer at Cyprus Research and Innovation Center Ltd (CyRIC), which she joined in 2016. Dr Demosthenous received her Physics Degree from the Department of Physics, Aristotelio University, Thessalonica, Greece, in 2007, with specialisation in “Electronics and Communication. In 2009, she received her M.Sc. Degree in Physics from the University of Cyprus. Her Master thesis was conducted in collaboration with the Electrical Engineering Department of UCY. Dr. Demosthenous received her PhD from Electrical Engineering Department of University of Cyprus in 2015, with topic “A Fluoroscopic Cancer Screening Capsule for the Small Intestine”.

CyRIC is a fast growing company with a strategic aim to become an important regional Center developing disruptive products for the world markets and providing unique, high quality services to the industry. CyRIC is the only certified Business Innovation Center (BIC) in Cyprus, certified by the European Business Network.

CYRIC offers Research and Innovation Services for its customers in the fields of engineering design and prototyping, electronics and communications and software solutions. In addition a number of specialised consultancy and entrepreneurship services are offered to startups and SMEs.

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