Cyprus Research & Innovation Center CyRIC Becomes Partner of Smart Farming Conference

CyRIC – Cyprus Research & Innovation Center Ltd, is a pioneering Cyprus-based company and a regional landmark of research, innovation and entrepreneurship. CyRIC provides professional Innovation and Research and Development services to both local and international customers specializing in the fields of product design, engineering and prototyping, electronics design, robotics, automated analytical instrumentation and software development. CyRIC personnel accumulates vast experience in Research and Innovation projects with participation in numerous multimillion projects and hundreds of publications in journals and conferences.

CyRIC is the first Business Innovation Center (EU|BIC) in Cyprus, certified by the European Business Network (EBN) validating the range and quality of the innovation services provided to local SMEs as well as the incubation services (technical and business support) provided to start-ups. Since 2014, CyRIC has invested and incubated several start-ups and currently operates the only ICT Incubator in the country, called Gravity ( Many of CyRIC start-ups and spin-offs incubated at Gravity have won local and international competitions & awards.

CyRIC is also the coordinator of the Cyprus Digital Innovation Hub (CyDI-Hub DIH). The DIH is offering services to the local SMEs in the areas of robotics, technology for agriculture, manufacturing, IoT and more. The DIH coordinated by CyRIC is also member of several pan-European networks of DIHs (DIH-World, ADMA-Transformers, DIH2). The hub is the only one in Cyprus that has been selected by the European Commission for receiving training through PwC to (further) develop our business plan and capitalize on best practices identified by other DIHs in Europe. The company has also been awarded by the European Business Awards as the National Champion in Innovation for 2015/16 in Cyprus.

How/ Why agriculture?

CyRIC has been working a lot with the agricultural sector since the company’s establishment. This is mainly because of the importance of agriculture for the local and regional economy, but also because of the vast possibilities that novel technologies can offer for disrupting the sector. Originally, focus was put on smart IoT solutions, such as automated pest monitoring traps, with significant success. Nevertheless, during the last 7-8 years, CyRIC has also developed a strong know-how in the design and development of bio-photonics-based, automated analytical instrumentation for field use. Such instruments are either portable devices or fully autonomous instruments that can be used or deployed in the field (in an IoT configuration) and detect in short times and in a cost-efficient way a configurable array of target contaminants. CyRIC is basically transferring conventional microbiological and chemical analysis from the lab to the field, and this has numerous applications in the agri-food industry (from farm to fork). Recent examples of such bio-photonics-based devices include:

  1. The SWINOSTICS project (, an H2020 project coordinated by CyRIC, currently at the field validation stage. The main outcome is a portable device for fast and cost-effective detection of an array of six important viruses for the pig farming industry.
  2. The GRACED project (, another H2020 project coordinated by CyRIC, currently working on the finalisation of the specification requirements for the device. The main outcome will be a new plasmo-photonic sensor and two versions of a device that utilise this sensor in order to detect with unprecedented accuracy (and very cost-effectively) an array of seven important contaminants for the fruits & vegetables industry.
  3. The Code: Re-farm project (, another H2020 project coordinated by CyRIC, still at an early stage of studying user requirements. The overall goal of the project is to understand the relationship between intrinsic quality & husbandry in goat & poultry production systems. To achieve this, several novel instruments will be developed, one of which is a portable, bio-photonics-based eggs quality/safety analysis device.

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