Soil Monitoring – Smart Agricultural Sensor Network

by Susanne Oertel, Fraunhofer Institute for Integrated Systems and Device Technology IISB

The FutureIOT consortium focuses its research activities on two distinct fields of action „“ and „“. Aim of the Bavarian research network is the joint development of comprehensive IoT solutions for practice-oriented solutions.
Further development and integration of individual technologies in the area of communication, sensor technology, localization, information security, and IoT plattforms, are intended to master the existing challenges in the city as well as on the countryside.

The sub-project Soil Sensor Technology covers the IoT value chain from sensors via sensor networks until cloud-based data analysis.

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Sensor technology in dairy farming – practical research and applicability

Judith Roelofs

by Judith Roelofs, Senior lecturer animal husbandry, HAS Hogeschool

Many sensors are on the market to support dairy farmers in their day-to-day management of the cows. These sensors can be sensors in the barn, on the cow or even in the cow.

These sensors measure for example specific behaviour of individual cows and the farmer receives an attention when the behavioural pattern of a cows deviates from normal.

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Humidity as basis, measuring is knowing

Willy Detiger

by Willy Detiger, Owner, Detiger Bos & Boom verzorging

Content that will be discussed
• Importance of moisture in the soil and the correct humidity percentage
• Importance of the correct timing in watering with regard to gas exchange in the soil
• Preventing hydrophobic infiltration of water
• The importance of soil life and the importance of water for soil life
• And so measuring: but how and then what?

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The power of combining 3D with multispectral information for indoor farming

Grégoire Hummel

by Grégoire Hummel, CEO, Phenospex B.V.

PlantEye is a sensor designed to assess and monitor crops in any environment. The sensor provides resilient information on growth, biomass on a daily base and can quantify diseases, color and the quality of crops. PlantEye is an ideal tool for crop monitoring and to surveil the production process. Deviations or abnormal developments of crops can be identified on a daily- and objective base. Further this sensor can be used to optimize your crop management and develop light recipes.

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IoF2020: Interoperability for Internet of Agriculture

Vik Vandecaveye

by Vik Vandecaveye, CNH Industrial

IoF2020 is a large scale pilot funded by the European Commission to foster the development and market implementation of internet of things in agriculture and digital farming. Interoperability is a key enabler to make the data exchange and value creation of new technologies flourish.


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Use of innovative ingredients in poultry feed to tackle modern challenges in food systems: the Innopoultry project

Luca Simone Cocolin

by Luca Simone Cocolin, full professor of food microbiology, Department of Agricultural, Forest and Food Sciences, University of Torino, Italy.

The Innopoultry project aims at improving/resolving important issues inherent with the poultry food chain of the 21th century. More specifically, poultry meat has been identified as one of the main sources of foodborne pathogens for humans. Moreover, due to the improper use of antibiotics in the past, used also as grow promoter, poultry meat is still considered at high risk for the spread and diffusion of antibiotic resistance genes. The strategy used is focused on primary production: considering the feed as important tool to exploit, it is proposed to use alternative approaches in poultry feeding able to control and reduce the impact of food safety concerns.

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Computer Vision and Artificial Intelligence in Livestock Production!

kristof nagy

by Kristóf Nagy, CEO, Serket B.V., specialised in Computer vision and Artificial Intelligence.

Introducing problems and current trends in pig production and providing a possible solution with Computer vision and Artificial Intelligence!
Example: SERKET is an innovative and disruptive Animal Recognition Software for Livestock, tailored for the pig industry, which is based on deep learning algorithms able to detect animals in images and monitor their health. SERKET uses anomaly detection to identify animals’ abnormal behavior and support the farmers in the implementation of the most reliable and efficient solutions for livestock management.

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Costs and unfamiliarity with new technologies are barriers for their implementation


says Lenny van Erp, Professor (UAS) Precision Livestock Farming, HAS University of Applied Sciences and moderator of the Smart Farming Conference about new technologies.

About Lenny van Erp
Lenny van Erp has an MSc in Animal Science and a PhD in Veterinary Science, with farm animal health and behaviour as her field of expertise. She focuses on precision livestock farming, with projects on (sensor)technology and data in farm animals. At HAS University she initiated the Precision Farming Platform and the Minor Smart Farming.

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