Content Partners

Below you can find the content partners of the 2017 edition of the conference, which took place on Jun 29, at Villa Flora, in Venlo, The Netherlands:

BrightlandsThere are only a few places in the world that truly focus on achieving big, radical change. And Brightlands is one of them. Brightlands is a place in the heart of Europe, in the top-tech triangle between Eindhoven, Leuven and Aachen.

It’s a place where researchers and entrepreneurs tackle global challenges in the fields of materials, health and nutrition.

At Brightlands, leading international companies and institutes work together on healthy, sustainable solutions that crosses scientific, geographical and organizational boundaries.

Living lab on healthy nutrition

At Brightlands Campus Greenport Venlo, the primary focus is on healthy nutrition. Innovators from business, science and education work together on innovations in healthy nutrition, plant breeding and growing, and alternative raw materials and food sources. The Campus is located in a region in which the agri-food business is one of the most productive, sustainable and profitable in the world; where food innovation is in the entrepreneurs’ DNA. The Campus is in an active state of development. In addition to all the R&D facilities, various entrepreneurs will be setting up shop here, and Maastricht University will be starting different laboratory facilities. It goes without saying that there are close connections to the other Brightlands campuses in Limburg, collectively representing an innovation region where researchers and entrepreneurs take on the major challenges in the fields of materials, health and nutrition.

LIOFWith over 40 employees, LIOF is the implementation organization of regional economic policy for the province of Limburg. LIOF helps SMEs from ‘start to finish’ with innovations and the development of new business. We finance the start and growth of promising SMEs. LIOF also recruits foreign companies and ensures that their location and development in Limburg is smooth. Finally, LIOF creates the conditions for further development of industry and logistics.Whatever your question, we are waiting for you!